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Why Choose Intelemark For Your B2b Calling Campaigns

Highest Converting Leads

Intelemark isn’t motivated by quantity, pushing targets into a meeting before they're ready or qualified. Instead, our agents focus on getting the highest quality leads for our clients.

In-Depth Research

Before placing a single call, we take the time to fully understand your brand, business model, value proposition and message, creating a strategic plan for a successful campaign.

Highest Quality Leads

The valuable business intelligence we collect creates an opportunity to have a meaningful conversation with your prospect, producing highly qualified leads, ready for conversion.

Dedicated U.S. Based Staff

Our agents are experienced, long-term team members based in the U.S. They are not paid by commission, solely focused on quality of the appointments they set, not quantity.


Our core management team has more than 90+ years combined experience providing sales support calling campaigns, lead generation and business development services, and outreach campaigns for B2B companies.


Our time-based, fixed-cost approach to lead generation can be between 30% and 50% less expensive than our performance-based competitors.

We help connect you with your ideal prospects

B2B Appointment Setting Experience

Intelemark works with B2B companies across a variety of industries, not limited to the industries listed below. Lead generation tactics vary for each client - no B2B marketing strategy implemented on behalf of Intelemark's clients is a "one-size-fits-all" approach.

Let our experienced B2B appointment setting specialists help your sales team get more warm, well-qualified, high-quality appointments.

Lead generation is the lifeblood to your revenue goals.

Lead Generation

Generate B2B sales leads with qualified, high quality prospects now. Outsource time consuming activities to an experienced, professional lead gen team while your sales team focuses on relationships and closing sales.

Consistent effort and communication with current customers and prospects are key in effective B2B lead generation strategies throughout the sales cycle.

Outsource the time-consuming lead generation activities to an experienced, professional lead gen team while your sales team focuses on relationships and closing sales.

Re-establish old customers and maintain your current ones

Customer Retention & Reactivation

Acquiring new customers is far more expensive (5-7x more) than retaining current customers. A Customer Reactivation Campaign is a smart marketing strategy that can help you reach dormant, inactive, or lost clients. Customer Reactivation or Retention Campaign.

Plan a Customer Reactivation Campaign today before those customers move from warm lead to dead lead status. Don’t let the window of opportunity close before that customer becomes entrenched with another vendor. Customer Reactivation or Retention Campaign.

Expertise You Can Trust

22 Years Generating Revenue

We are impressed with results, not unverifiable numbers.

Intelemark’s verifiable numbers – 22 years of putting clients in front of desired buyers with our proven processes.

The only number that matters is the revenue Intelemark generates for you.

We Deliver Results

Serving a Wide of Range of Industries

Happy Clients

What People Are Saying About Intelemark

  • Eugene B.
    Leading Medical Bill Audit Company
    Intelemark has exceeded my expectations and I now consider them an important part of my own sales team.
  • Jill R.
    Healthcare Software Provider
    The number of appointments generated by Intelemark has increased the number of proposals in our pipeline and we could not be happier!
  • Ann R
    Global Training Company
    I would truly rate Intelemark as one of the best outsourced vendor options that I have ever managed.

  • Dan Cheetham
    National Electrical Supplier
    “Their calls have been seamless — they act and operate as if they’re an extension of our company.”
  • Phil Trent
    Hospital Consultancy Firm
    "Their callers are very experienced in the healthcare industry and are able to connect with business leaders."

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